My selfishness..

has caused me to be bitter, angry and without patience when it comes to Brianna and sometimes even Katie..

So it is my goal to rectify that.. I will be praying on it and when I wake up in the morning I will force myself to get up.. It is when I try to stay asleep for as long as possible that makes me cranky and then if we have to be somewhere we are rushing about which makes for even more crankiness..

A better start to the day, makes a happy mom and wife!

3 thoughts on “My selfishness..”

  1. Bitter, angry, and without patience…sounds familiar. I am trying so hard to start my days off better. That’s why I was so happy to print out the verses you typed out. What I am doing (when I do it that is) is to ask God to help me with my day before I even get out of bed. This makes a huge difference and i can totally see my days going downhill when I forget. If I just try to spend my days glorifying God by being a nice Mom and good wife by actually doing some housework I feel a lot better. Unfortunately I don’t do this more days then I do. Let’s lift each other up in prayer and we’ll both do better.


  2. Let’s lift each other up in prayer and we’ll both do better.

    Yes, let’s!

    I sent you a devotional that I got this morning! God has amazing timing! I think you will enjoy it!



  3. You can do it sweetie! I know you can. I know all to well how easy it is to blame a crappy mood/day on the way your children are acting. But is really the way we are reacting to their mostly noraml behavior. Sometimes it sure is tough being a mom!


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