I did the Firm..

Ab Sculpt yesterday.. I din’t make it through the tape, because Katie starting crawling on my head! But it was kicking my butt anyway.. I’m so sore today. But I need to continue.. Why do I always think about bettering myself when a holiday is coming, where there will be lots of food!

Brianna exercised with me, she did breathing and was doing “crunches” LOL it was too cute! She was so proud of herself!

5 thoughts on “I did the Firm..”

  1. Lol at Katie crawling on your head!
    That’s precicely why I gave up doing yoga in my living room, the kids thought mommy was just a really fun jungle gym for them to climb on in all those crazy downward facing dog positions.


  2. Good for you getting the motivation to do it!! lol Isn’t it adorable when our kids exercise with us? Ronan loves to do yoga with me. šŸ™‚


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