I’m tired..

I wanted to sleep this morning and I should have just gotten up but I didn’t, which means one grumpy mama! Made beds, put away toys, organized a tiny bit, made breakfast and ate, watched Blind Justice (Brian taped it for me last night!) then nursed Katie and got her down for a nap. Dad needed a ride to get an MRI on his knee, so packed up the girls and took off. Took dad to get the MRI, finished Desecration in the waiting room. Got back to my parents, had a bagel and cream cheese and a piece of checkerboard cake.. Katie was going after my bagel and enjoyed it! Girls played. Brianna freaked because I told her not to keep turning the fan on and off in my parents bedroom and finally I took it away. You would have thought WWIII erupted. Got home and I’m about to start dinner! 🙂 Hope tonight is peaceful!

1 thought on “I’m tired..”

  1. Sounds like you had a productive day!

    Isn’t odd what will cause a meltdown in a kiddo. Sometimes the things you think will matter, don’t matter and vice versa. KWIM?


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