Katie, go to sleep!

Katie has been waking up around 4 and wants to sit up and play and crawl around, if she sees Brian she gets all excited and wants to climb on him. I don’t want to disturb him so I try to keep her away from him and try to get her to go back to sleep. Then it was 6am and I watch her sit up and she is still asleep, don’t know how she managed that one! So I layed her back down.

I’m thinking that she might want her own space. Brianna wanted her space around 11 months, and thats when she started sleeping in her own room. I’m thinking Katie is going to be earlier..

Katie’s room is a mess though, everything has been thrown into that room, so today I’m going to go through clothes, put them in these containers I bought and get them in the closet or maybe when we clean out the garage once it turns nice we’ll put them out there.

I just want her room organized and ready for her, because I know she will be using it full force shortly..

My baby is growing up!

1 thought on “Katie, go to sleep!”

  1. Matthew went into his own room at a young age too. Hailey is going on 3 and is still in our room. She has moved from our bed to a toddler bed in the corner of our room.


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