What a day!

Yesterday was good! I woke up a little before 7am.. Put on a load of laundry, ran the dryer (there were towels in there from Monday) Made our bed, folded the towels, threw the other laundry in the dryer. Got the girls ready, vacummed, folded the laundry. Then we headed out. Went to Kroger! The girls sat in one of those car carts, first time Katie had been in one, they both loved it. We picked out a mylar happy birthday balloon for Popi. Then got my lasagna recipe out and got all the ingredients I needed. Went and picked out some latex balloons, the woman said it would be a little bit to blow them up. We checked out, took the stuff to the car. I got out the wagon (absolutely love that thing) and got the girls in, went to Hallmark and picked out cards and a very nice frame that said, My Grandkids on it. Now I just need to find a picture of the girls that I like to put in it for Popi! Went back to Kroger, picked up the balloons, got some milkyway bars (Dad’s fave) and checked out, got to the car, loaded up and headed over to my parents. Unloaded, got the mail and paper. Got the girls. Nursed Katie, put her up in the crib for a nap. Iced the remaining the cake and gave a piece to Brianna and I had some too. Started working on the lasagna. Dwight called, said they were on their way home. Talked to my Mom, told her I had dinner covered and balloons and cake done. She said they had a surprise. Katie woke up, got her in the high chair, gave her some cheerios. Worked on the lasagna. They got home and my Dad can barely walk. His knee gave out last night and he went down, scrapping his left knee up and completely busting up his right knee. It was hugely swollen. He has a doctor appointment for this morning. He is so stubborn though, he wouldn’t let us do anything for him or get him anything, he would just get up and hobble around, and he is a big man.. Anyway, the lasagna turned out fantastic! It was a lot of preparation, but definitely worth it! I’ll have to tell Kelly that I made it! Cake was awesome! It was chilled and just so delicious! I was stuffed. Then we watched some law and order and went home. Katie fell asleep in the car so Brian put her right to bed. Brianna and I read some Franklin books and then got her tucked in and asleep. I did The Firm Ab Sculpt. Got through it and did all the advanced stuff! So proud of myself! Unloaded the van because Brian forgot, had some water, read Desecration and then went to bed..

2 thoughts on “What a day!”

  1. sounded like a nice peaceful birthday celebration. Can you post that lasagna recipie? 😉 That sounds SO yummy! Sorry about your dads knees though 😦 OUCH!


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