Katie’s new sleeping arrangements..

Katie has decided that she needs her space at night, which I totally appreciate and I am happy that she wants to make this move to be independent from us. She slept in her crib in her room Saturday night. But we were doomed from the start, because I have taught my husband and girls to sleep with a fan.. We have a box fan in our room and Brianna has one in her room. Looks like Katie will need one too, it was so quiet in her room I could hear her breathing on the monitor! As soon as I got into bed, she woke up a few minutes later, I went and fed her and rocked her back to sleep and as soon as I put her in her crib she sat up and smiled at me like it was play time. Such was the pattern of the whole night! Which is why I was so tired on Easter morning.

Last night Brianna fell asleep and I had Brian take her fan out of her room and put it in Katie’s. Katie slept like a dream! She got up around 3 to nurse and then again close to 6. Brianna woke up as well though because her fan was gone but I got her back to sleep in her room around 3:30.

Katie is taking her nap and usually she only sleeps for 20-30 minutes if I’m not holding her. The fan is on and she has been sleeping almost an hour now!

Looks like we need to make a trip to SuperWalmart today to get a fan for Katie’s room!

It was wierd sleeping without Katie in bed. There is so much more room. I slept really soundly and Katie did too! It was nice!

7 thoughts on “Katie’s new sleeping arrangements..”

  1. But we were doomed from the start, because I have taught my husband and girls to sleep with a fan.

    Like my mom taught my dad and sister πŸ™‚ But *I* never caved in! πŸ˜‰


  2. I loved sleeping in Kelly’s room, because you had those room darkening shades and the fan! It was so relaxing and nice! Maybe that is what corrupted me LOL!


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