Our Easter..

It started with me being very crabby, LOL. I was tired (another entry), so when Brianna got up and was ready to go, I was not! I told Brian to take a shower and get ready while the girls played in Katie’s room and I rested some more. Then I got up and we headed downstairs! Brianna was very excited to see a playdough easter basket, a butterfly kite and a chocolate bunny. Then she went on her egg hunt, which she loved. Katie had no clue LOL. Brianna will be in for it next year when Katie is old enough to participate in the festivities!

I took a shower and got dressed, well tried to anyway. I put on a dress from when I was 19 it did not fit anymore.. Way to small, or maybe I’m way to big, I have so much weight to lose, sigh.. anyway, Brian was downstairs, so I had to sit on the floor and have Brianna pull it over my head because I couldn’t even get it off! She thought that was humorous! I picked something else to wear. We got the girls in their easter dresses. Then went downstairs. Brianna pitched a royal fit when I went to do her hair, which resulted in her running from us and finally being put in her room for a time out. Lots of craziness later and we were finally on our way to church.

On our way we saw a car pulled to the side and Ann-Morgan got out, she was stuck and we went to pull over to pick her up but the Davis’s were already backing up to get her. Surprisingly we got there before the service started. It was awesome! Worship was fantastic, I felt really connected with God! The sermon was thought provoking. It was really good. Brianna got poked in the eye by Logan and was miserable after that. She was have a burst of running around with friends and then would cry about her eye. We left and headed to my parents.

Got there and nobody was home, Brianna was crying off and on about her eye. I nursed Katie and she was super tired. While Brianna watched a Franklin movie I hid eggs all over the first floor. Which was difficult because she kept talking to me and I was moving all stealth like around her hiding these eggs hoping she wouldn’t notice. Talked to Debbie on the phone about wanting to get a family portrait done when they are in town in 3 weeks! Brianna noticed that there were eggs everywhere and was starting to get very antsy and excited! Mom, Dad and Dwight came home. Brianna went egg crazy! And had to stop numerous times because of her eye hurting her. My Dad tried to get some drops into her eye, but she freaked and wouldn’t let him do it. After her egg hunt, she hunted for two presents that were hidden as well, Berenstain Bears books and a Disney princess dishwear set. After that she curled up on the couch and fell asleep for 3 hours!

Dinner was yummy, we had ham, mashed potatos, asparagus and rolls, there were mashed turnips as well but I don’t eat turnips LOL. My Dad’s prayer before the meal was amazing and it is wonderful to see how far my parents are coming spiritually!

Oh.. before dinner, we had the last of the checkerboard cake I had made for Dad’s birthday. I cut it for Dwight, Brian and I. They were making fun of my because I love cake, it truly is my downfall LOL. Anyway, when I wasn’t looking Dwight stabbed some of my cake off my plate and ate it. The rest of the night we were back and forth trying to get each other. The relationship of a brother and sister LOL.

I watched some Fried Green Tomatoes and then While You Were Sleeping. The girls woke up and we took Dwight back to Wright State.

It was a nice day!

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