Another day..

I’m not sure if it’s a cold or allergies.. I’m thinking allergies with the way the weather has been these last few days.. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and my nose has been driving me bonkers. I need to go get some sudafed, that usually helps me.

It is a beautiful day, sun is shining and it is supposed to be up to 72!!!

Brianna is wearing a cute little sailor dress and I’m going to put Katie in a dress too.. I just might wear shorts! LOL.. Gotta love Ohio weather, I am one of those nuts who as soon as it warms up a tad I wear the summer clothes, but I also sweat very easily LOL so I’m mostly doing it to be comfortable..

Katie is doing well sleeping in her room now that she has a fan.. She woke up to nurse at 12:30 and then again at 4 and Brian brought her in to me at 6 because he was leaving for work. She didn’t want to nurse but she fell asleep promptly, we slept until 8.. Much needed for me..

Brianna showed me her caterpillar that she got from The Franklin Conservatory and it is in caccoon position, so she is all excited!

I have all the windows open, it’s such a nice breeze flowing through the house, and my house is dusty as all get out.. I noticed it a little bit before, but the sun coming through the window is illuminating all the dust.. yuck.. I need to dust I guess..

Well time to go downstairs and eat some breakfast. We are going to my parents today. I have to take my Dad to the orthopedic surgeon. He is going to need surgery on his knee..

And if it is windy enough we are going to fly the butterfly kite Brianna got for Easter..

And Lost is on tonight! A brand-spanking new episode! I’m excited!! It’s been like a month.. I was going into withdrawal..

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