Before I forget..

Yesterday afternoon, Brianna and I were flying the butterfly kite she got for Easter.. I got it up in the air and then the wind would stop, over and over and over…

Well the one time I got it up there and it stayed for a little bit, Brianna said to me..

“That sure is fancy flyin’ Mommy!”

I was like what?? Then she said it everytime I got the kite up in the air, LOL..

She got it from Roly Poly Oly on Disney.. LOL

Silly girl!

12 thoughts on “Before I forget..”

  1. I ran in there the other day and noticed some but I didn’t stop since Kev was out in the car with the girls.

    I’m headed to bed! Chat with ya later!

    Hey, do you have a nickname or do you only go by Veronica?


  2. I think it is such a cute show!

    I was a Disney channel freak in college and I watched it then too, Brian and I would watch it at lunch between classes.. He would bring a chocolate milkshake and a chicken sandwhich and we would cuddle on the couch and watch Rolie Polie Olie, LOL..


  3. Gosh, I just keep repeating myself – lol. But you and him cuddling on the couch over chocolate milkshakes and chicken sandwiches is SO cute!


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