Dad’s having surgery..

Today.. 12:45 is the surgery..

I took him to see an orthopedic surgeon yesterday and his tendon has come off his knee cap.. So they scheduled him for surgery today.

He doesn’t want to be put under, and said no epidural because he had one before and it was up too high, which paralyzed some of his lungs (which I yelled at him for, because he never told me that and I have had 2 and he says, well you were so gung ho about getting one I didn’t want to scare you!)

So my Mom is there with him. I have to take the van in to get an oil change and some other things checked out and then I’ll call my Mom from there. I have to pick her up and I want to see my Dad too..

Please pray for him… All those what if’s were going through my mind.. I finally just prayed that God would take those anxious thoughts away from me and give me peace..

15 thoughts on “Dad’s having surgery..”

  1. his tendon has come off his knee cap

    omg! OUCH!!!!

    I hope he finds a pain relief method that’s good for him!

    I’ll pray he pulls thru! I’ve heard knee surgery is really hard! ((hugs))


  2. Thanks Wendy! Ouch is right, I helped him out of the car one time and I thought he had it and I let go of his leg, well he didn’t and I have never heard a yell like that come from my father.. i was blacklisted from helping him again until he got the brace with the metal rod in it.. oops!

    He ended up getting a spinal..


  3. LOL, I totally was! When he went to get back in the car after the store, I bent down to help him and he says.. no, no, no.. don’t touch me, i can do it!

    I felt awful.. but at the same time he was being funny about it so i felt better and now i can laugh!


  4. I loved mine too!

    With Brianna I didn’t like it after I had her because my right leg refused to wake up and then they wanted me to get up and go to the bathroom, so I had a nurse on one side and Brian on the other.. I get there and sat down and said, now what.. how am i supposed to pee if i can only feel one side of my body!

    With Katie, I had a hot spot on my left hip.. which actually worked out to my advantage because i was still able to feel the contractions a little bit and knew when i was in transition.. since i had to start breathing through them while on my epidural LOL.. and the nurse still didn’t believe that i was ready to deliver! you should have seen her face when she checked me! She was quite surprised! LOL


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