I’m beat..

Today was a long day.. Katie got up at 6am and was ready to go.. I gave her some toys in her crib and went back to my room to try and sleep until 7.. Then at 6:30 I heard, help us, help us, help us.. Brianna climbed into the crib with Katie and was yelling for me to get them both out.. So I went in, got them out and closed Katie’s door so they could play quietly and I could get a little bit more sleep in.. Didn’t really work and then I was wide awake, cranky, but wide awake.. So got us all together, had breakfast and got Brianna to school. She brought in her “coon” to show her class. When I woke up I looked at the caterpillar and it had finally shed it’s skin and had formed its chrysalis.. So Brianna was very excited about this.. She kept saying, Mommy it’s in its coon! She is so darn cute! Anyway.. Then I went to my Mom’s picked her up and then went to Ashland to pick up my Dad.. He wouldn’t fit in the front seat because of his brace so I had to move Brianna’s booster and Katie’s carseat to the backrow so he could sit in the second row.. Drove to Mount Carmel West and dropped my Mom and him off. Got gas, I was practically on E and then went to HUMC to pick up Brianna. Katie was fast asleep and we were 20 minutes early so I read Time Magazine and let her sleep. Got her up, picked up Brianna, put Katie’s seat back in the second row. Went to my Mom’s, nursed Katie and went online. Went to Byer’s Dodge to bring the car in for an oil change and 16-point check-up. It took an hour. We took over the TV and Brianna watched Blue’s Clues and then we looked at new cars. They said the brakes needed to be fixed and it would be another hour and $200.. I told him I would bring it in another time because the kids were climbing off the walls by that time. We went to McDonald’s (even though I swore I would never go there again after reading how much exercise you needed to counter their meals) but I was starving and there was no stopping me from getting those yummy french fries! Went back to my Mom’s.. We all ate, then we went to the hospital. My Dad looked pretty good, he was extremely tired though. We stayed until he finished his dinner and then we left. Went back to my Mom’s.. nursed Katie and then hung out for a little while. Then took off for home. Played with the kids for a little bit, just got Katie to sleep and Brian put Brianna to bed. In fact he probably fell asleep in there, and I need to wake him up so he can get to bible study on time..

I need to go to bed! But it’s so quiet and I want to take advantage..

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