Ladder 49

I absolutely love Joaquin Phoenix… And I cried like a baby..


Then I promptly called my brother and yelled at him for lying to me about how the movie ends, which he in turn laughed hysterically at me and told me that if I cried at Ladder 49 I should not even attempt to watch The Notebook..

Firefighters are awesome. I’m so thankful that there are people out there that do this job on a daily basis..

We had them come out to our house when Katie was 2 weeks old because our smoke alarms were acting really weird, they kept going off randomly through out the day and I was really freaked out about it.. We tried changing the batteries and it didn’t help, so Brian called the fire department and they came out to the house. It was like 11 at night and Brianna was already in bed.. They came blaring into the neighborhood and had a huge spotlight on our house.. They checked the whole house out and said everything was ok.. I thanked them profusely..

I think I will write them a little letter and bake some cookies or something for them.. I know it is almost a year later, but this movie has me all emotional and wanting to do something for these courageous people who risk their lives to save others!

7 thoughts on “Ladder 49”

  1. Ooooh, I haven’t seen Ladder 49 yet, now I kinow it’s a must! I have The Notebook and it’s awesome! Definately a 5 tissue movie! (Instead of 5 star, lol!)


  2. Yeah, definitely see it.. So sad 😦

    LOL at 5 tissue movie!

    Maybe I’ll rent that tonight.. or maybe I should get a comedy to try to get over Ladder 49 and then get The Notebook Tuesday night LOL..


  3. You are so right Ram! EMT’s and Paramedics rock! I think it’s so awesome that Andre is helping so many people!


  4. i LOVED that movie! It is a very sad movie… but it is so touching. It erally makes you see those men in a new light, I believe. It’s one I’d want to own πŸ™‚


  5. me too.. i don’t want to return it to blockbuster LOL.. i’ve watched it about 2.5 times.. and when I get to the end I just bawl.. I’m such a cry baby but for some reason it just hits me.. I think it is her face when she sees the red car pull up.. sigh.. brian keeps yelling at me not to watch it anymore.. i think what really makes me sad too is thinking about him not coming home one day.. even though he doesn’t do anything dangerous, he could always be called to God one day and it makes me sad to think about that..


  6. yea, that’s the saddest part! *SPOILER!!! Scroll past if you haven’t seen the movie*

    That he leaves those kids πŸ˜₯ THe movie was VERY loud in the theaters though lol Bout broke my ear drums. Me and my best friend were BAWLING by the end. I think I finally have Andy talked into getting it. He hates thsoe kind of movies, but likes to be able to say he saw it πŸ™‚


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