Katie’s sick..

Thursday afternoon she had a fever 100.. She was fussy on and off all day. Friday morning she had a fever 101.7 and when i gave her motrin she threw up.. very fussy and tired. I put a call in to the ped and got an appt. to see Dr. Rothermel. Her temp at the ped.’s office was 102.8… They gave her some advil. Dr. Rothermel said her ears are clear and the rattling in her chest was bronchial so she prescribed amoxicillin.. She keeps spiking fevers and then the motrin cools her down and then it comes back.. she has her playful happy moments and her super fussy moments. it hasn’t really effected her sleeping at night though..i hope she gets well soon.. poor babe.. she is such a trooper though and is so good with taking the medicine.. and she’s a total snugglebear.. she usually is but more so with being sick.. i love her..

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