I’m tired..

Katie has been super clingly, sure it is because she is sick and maybe teething too??? She doesn’t really want to be put down, she is doing awesome sleeping in her own room though, that is really a blessing. I’m so glad I followed her cues!

Brianna is doing alright.. She has her meltdown moments, I think she is trying to get attention and usually in the wrong way.. I’m trying to reverse that. It helps that Katie has been going to bed between 6:30 and 7 so we have time to have one on one with Brianna.. Last night she wanted to watch E.T. so she and I snuggled up on the couch together. It was nice.

We had our carpets cleaned last night as well, I’m so glad it is done. I was really frustrated at first because I wanted to vaccum the whole house and Katie was not having that. Brianna had fallen asleep in the car and then I moved her to her bed and when she woke up she had had an accident. So I was stripping her bed and putting new sheets on. Just running around like a mad woman and as soon as I was done vaccuming the family room the guys showed up.. They did a really good job! They also told me not to use carpet stain removers like resolve and such because it really is just soap and water and what happens is when it dries it gets sticky and then all sorts of dirt just sticks to it and your spot just seems to grow and grow and not come out.. So He said use white vinegar and water, 50/50. He said my spot in the family room would come back but if I did that eventually the soap would come out and I wouldn’t have the problem anymore. He was really nice and he looked so familiar, he even said that I looked familiar too, but I could not place it.. hm…

Today is my free day, well except for book study tonight. Tomorrow Brianna has school. She brings in snack and is the leader! I get my hair done tomorrow as well. I’m going to cut off about 3 inches I think, so it will be to my shoulders.

Friday Brian’s Dad and Debbie are coming into town for the weekend. It is supposed to be really nice too, so I think we will go to the zoo!

I started scrapping again, I got 4.5 pages done over the past few days. Stayed up until 1am though scrapping and watching Season 3 of 24.. So addictive!

I need to do laundry and get some organizing/cleaning done..

3 thoughts on “I’m tired..”

  1. Julie is SO having one of those clingy phases. Problem being she weighs 28lbs and I have a bad back! lol She FREAKS if I put her down! *sigh*

    That is SO good to know about resolve! I ALWAYS use carpet cleaners… and now that you say that… makes TOTAL sense!!!! *Puts Vinegar and spray bottle on my list* lol thanks carpet guy!

    Take pics ๐Ÿ™‚ Your hair, your SB pages ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. wow, sounds like you’ve been a busy woman.

    Poor Katie I hope she’s feeling better soon! I know how tiring a clingy baby can be *hugs*

    So did the professional cleaning make a HUGE difference? Robert wants to get our house done within the next month. I picked tan carpeting for the whole downstairs when we moved in – I wasn’t thinking about how easy dirt and stains show but how it would match with everything else, ROFL. It wasn’t such a good choice with 2 little ones ๐Ÿ˜‰ It really needs done. I’ll have to pass that info along – we use carpet stain removers ALL the time. *eek*

    I want to see pics too!


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