It was so nice..

Brian got home, we got the car packed up and went to the airport. He dropped Katie and I off and then took parked at Sunpark. While he was doing that I got our bags checked and our boarding passes. I had to rearrange the big bag because it was overweight, oops! Met Brian and Brianna inside and we went through security, which was stressful.. Having to put everything in bins, fold the stroller, get us all through and then get everything together again.. We ate lunch at Damon’s, bbq pork sandwhiches and then had a bathroom trip. Boarded the plane and had to ask people to switch seats around because for some reason they had us scattered all over the plane. Everyone was understanding though! Thankfully! The girls did great on the first plane. Katie was flirting the whole time with the male flight attendant! He was keeping her amused and it was so cute! He was awesome! It was only a 30 minute flight. Then got to our connection and didn’t have to wait long until boarding again. This time they were able to move people before hand so we were all sitting together… Got to Norfolk and met Aunt Jan! It was so good seeing her, she looked wonderful! The girls both fell asleep on the way to the house, as it is an hour drive and we had been traveling since 12:30! We had spagetti with turkey sausage and salad for dinner. Stayed up talking for a little bit and then went to bed.. The girls were up bright and early Thursday morning. There are no blinds on the back side of the house because it overlooks the water, but the sun rises on that side and Brianna gets up when it is light. So 6:15 she comes in to get us up! Aunt Jan was going on a walk with a friend so the girls and I joined her. Brianna was running to catch up with Sano (their dog) and she tripped and fell, so I was carrying her for about a mile on this brisk walk while Aunt Jan pushed Katie in the stroller. Then I got tired of carrying Brianna so I switched her and Katie.. Much easier carrying 20 pounds than 40 LOL.. We saw a ton of deer and then Sano chased them away. When we got home Aunt Jan, Brianna and I went out on the kayak. It was awesome, I had never done it before. Then we went back to the dock and Aunt Jan got out and Brian got in. It was so calm out on the water and it was just nice. Then we had some lunch and afterwards Brianna and Aunt Jan went outside to mess around in the flower beds. I decided to go out to see what they were up to and Aunt Jan says, look we have a visitor. I look up and who is pulling in the driveway, Uncle Bruce! He drove 8 hours from Jersey to see us!! I was so blown away and excited!! It was such a nice surprise! Brianna jumped on the trampoline and had a blast. Brian and I had a catch and we kicked a ball around with Brianna.. Then we had pizza for dinner and afterwards watched Daddy Daycare, cute movie.. Went to bed late.. Friday I woke up late, Brian had gotten up with the girls. Had breakfast and then we all got ready. We went to the outerbanks, Kittyhawk.. Went to the Wright Brothers museum. It was really neat, we walked up Kill Devil Hill. Then we went to the beach. Rolled up our pant legs and got our feet wet! We picked up 4 really smooth and pretty shells.. Even Katie got her feet in the sand and water.. It was the girls first trip to the beach.. And I can’t wait to go when the water is warm and we can actually go swimming! Brianna will absolutely love it! We went to lunch at the Black Pelican, I think that is the name. I also so homes rented by Carolina Design, they are the ones I was looking into renting for our family reunion, and now that I have seen them up close I am even more excited and looking forward to making that a reality! We ran into Walmart and got Cranium, it was on sale for 18.74 but kept ringing up at 29.. I felt so bad for the girl because people were giving her a hard time for the wait, but there was nothing she could do about it. That night we had left overs and then played Cranium. Uncle Bruce, Cami and I against Brian, Aunt Jan and her friend Jan.. We won! It was a blast! A lot of fun. We hung out awhile talking about when I was little and all the funny things my Uncle Bruce told me, like His ears are so little because he has evolved and he has supersonic hearing because of it; and the hair gnomes came in the middle of the night and took his hair away which is why he was balding LOL.. I remember getting hair cuts and wanting to save the hair so that he could glue it onto his head LOL! Saturday we hung out all day and didn’t do much. Then Brian and I went out to Carolina Grille/Movie Theater.. It was neat, they seat you at your table and you call in your order using the phone at the table and then you watch the movie from your table.. They had been playing Fever Pitch, but had changed the movie to Sin City.. Definitely Quintin Tarintino helping on that project.. Artistically good, content bad.. We got home and went to bed.. Sunday got up, had apple pancakes. We went to church, and it was a pretty neat experience.. Lots of amens, halleluias and hugging and kissing.. Definitely not like our church, but it was neat to be a part of for the day.. Had lunch at a chinese buffet.. Then headed off to the airport.. Flights back were good.. Katie was highly amused by the people behind us the first flight and then she was super cranky at the beginning of the second but she then fell fast asleep.. Arrived at the airport, got our bags and Brian and Brianna went and got the car and picked Katie and I up.. We got home around 11.. Got the kids in bed by 11:30 and I went to bed at 12.. I need a break before we go traveling again, but it was such a nice trip!!!

10 thoughts on “Vacation”

  1. I’m glad you had a nice trip and visit with your relatives. Sounds like a good time, very relaxing (except the traveling).


  2. That made me tired just reading it lol It sounds like you REALLY enjoyed yourselves, that’s great 🙂 Daddy Daycare if a fave of mine 🙂 I think I like it more than the girls hahaha


  3. Goodness you got a lot packed into that trip! Sounds like a great time!

    Keven is in NC and was telling me I need to visit out there because it is so beautiful!


  4. Yeah, we did a lot, I’m sure I forgot to mention a lot of things LOL..

    It is beautiful out there! I wouldn’t mind living out there one day!


  5. It was tiring LOL, especially the traveling part! Daddy Daycare was so cute.. I love the little boy that played Eddie Murphy’s son! He was so adorable!!!


  6. Thanks! It was very nice to hang with relatives! And it was very relaxing, except the traveling LOL.. It made me not want to travel like that again for a long while haha!


  7. It was nice! I had never seen Daddy Daycare before and it was definitely a cute movie, I think I want to add it to my collection LOL!


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