This blows..

I don’t know how to describe it other than that.. Seeing the pictures of Kinley and thinking about how Katie is 10 months old, that 10 months ago I was giving birth to her and now she has grown so much.. It’s making me cry.. I want to be pregnant again.. I want a newborn.. The thought of waiting 2 more years before even trying to get pregnant again is weighing my heart down.. sigh.. Yep.. This blows… Maybe 3 years will be the gap because if I am feeling this way and Katie is only 10 months, I can’t imagine what I am going to feel the longer I have to wait….

10 thoughts on “This blows..”

  1. We havent even delivered this little girl, and I’m ready to start trying for a boy!
    I hope that the feeling will pass once the baby is born. While I love being pregnant, I sure would like to wear a regular bathing suit again!

    Snuggle with the little one for me!


  2. You sound just like me!!! They have such cute maternity bathing suits now though LOL!!! And I will definitely snuggle up with Katie tonight πŸ™‚


  3. really?????????????

    Thanks Ang… I just can’t see how I will ever feel “done” LOL..

    I love babies way to much haha!


  4. There is a good chance πŸ™‚
    but that would definately, no question, be IT!!!!

    Yeah, babies are so much fun! It is when they start talking back that things get…ummmm…interesting! lol


  5. (HUGS) I feel the same as you. WE thought we were done and when Hailey was born. Ray even had a vasectomy. He decided to get it reversed this Summer. We went back and forth on it for so long. I had a hard time getting pg with Hailey after my m/c that if we were doing this I didn’t want to wait forever. The chances of a pg go down after 3 years of having a vas. I read that some where. I don’t openly talk about this a lot (if ever) because I have unsuporting family that think we are crazy to want more kids. I think we do a good job but then my Grandma was never one for kids. She only had one.


  6. It’s hard when your family doesn’t support you.. I just tell them, it is what it is LOL, so get over it.. but they have always known i wanted a lot of children! *hugs* and baby dust!


  7. Someone recently told me that “baby lust” was a form of PPD. Your baby is no longer a little baby and is becoming more independant. So you feel less needed and so you want another.

    I don’t know that I really agree but it made sense for me. And right now I am out of the lusting stage, which I had hard core a few months back. I thought I would never feel done either but right now I do. It’s so hard to figure out! HUGS Sweetie!


  8. Your baby is no longer a little baby and is becoming more independant. So you feel less needed and so you want another.

    That totally makes sense to me!


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