And baby powder is for…

decorating of course!!! I walked into Katie’s room this morning and this is what I saw:

Brianna had some fun this morning! As soon as I saw it, I said “What am I looking at?” and she took off running to her room, locked the door and proceeded to bawl. Then she came out when she was ready, I told her never to do it again and she told me she was sorry. Then we vaccumed it all away!

29 thoughts on “And baby powder is for…”

  1. She was quite the busy little bee wasn’t she? LOL

    Kaycee did that with Kraig’s foot powder (only not to that extent). Baby powder probably smelled nicer.


  2. She didnt miss much in the room did she? pretty darn good decorator she is 🙂 I remember one of mine doing that too. Least powder is better then poop right?…lol had to clean that once.


  3. LOL, I’m glad it vaccumed right up too! I think that is why it was more amusing than me getting mad, easy clean-up!


  4. Exactly! It was like the economy size LOL! And the funny thing is, I don’t even really use it.. It just sits there on top of the shelving in the little basket, just in case I guess.. or maybe decoration.. who knows.. at least it got some use LOL!


  5. LOL! I know! And I don’t even use baby powder.. I think it was a gift and it has just sat up on top of the shelf.. It must have been lonely and called out to Brianna! “please, use me, use me!” LOL


  6. LOL! Brianna has earned a rite of passage then! She is no proficient in baby powder decorating 101! LOL

    Cameron eats Desitin! I think Brianna has licked it before.. Gross, what motivates these children to do things like that LOL


  7. oooooooooooooooooh my roflmao Course, had it been my girls, I wouldn’t be lmao hahahaha She did a great job!!!! That stuff is SO hard to get up too and off stuff! eek! But I bet it smelled pretty!!!!! 😉


  8. lol, yes it is. Much much better then poo. My brother used to write in the bathroom walls with poop. I was too young to remember but mom was telling everyone,, lol. Thank goodness my kids havent done anything with poop.


  9. Yeah, I had to go over it a few times! I need to vaccum it again for good measure LOL! And it does smell pretty! 🙂


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