10 thoughts on “I’m on a journey, care to join me????”

  1. Veronica! I would love to help motivate you in your wellness journey, but sometimes DH peeks in on my journals, and I would hate to let him catch a pic of something that’s not intended for his eyes… Can I hear how you are progressing without the pics or maybe without undie pics? Am I asking too much? Sorry!


  2. LOL, that isn’t asking too much! I’m actually putting the pics behind a cut, but I could post my results without pics too 😉

    Thanks Andrea! 🙂


  3. I will would absolutely be there for ya girl! But I have to tell you that your “No, you couldn’t pay me enough money to see your chunky butt in underwear!” choice totally cracked me up! I just have to read it again to get the giggles (and that is nothing aganist you, the wording is just too funny for me tonight!). LOL


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