I will get my weekend updated LOL! I can’t believe it is Hump Day already, I’m very happy about that but time is going by way to quickly!!!!

Saturday I went to Curves with my Mom to work out and then we walked back to her house.. Which took 30 minutes.. My legs felt like jelly by the time we were done.. Good for me, but last night when I worked out again my legs felt so weird!

Then we took Brianna to Irish Dance.. She finished the winter class and really enjoyed it so we signed her up for spring. If she likes this, we will sign her up for summer.. If she likes it still my Mom will enroll her in the Shannahan School of Irish Dance! She would still have her same teacher there, but it is for the year. I will take pictures at her next class and share them! She is so cute, and really focuses on trying to get it right!

We picked up our pictures from Sears. They came out really cute. Then went to Wendy’s and ate it at my Mom’s. I helped her order Mother’s Day Flowers and then we took off for Walmart. Had to pick up a few things and a birthday present for Tommy.. We went home, got the girls changed and went to the party.

It was nice seeing everyone together. The kids had a blast playing outside in the sandbox and on the swingset and we ate a lot of food! I was pretty good though in not over indulging.. Katie had fun trying to get into everything and all the grandparents couldn’t get enough of her..

We rented Ocean’s 12 and watched that.. It was good.. Very clever.. And then Brian and I had some intimate time which we hadn’t had in awhile and it was very nice!

2 thoughts on “Saturday…”

  1. aw, it sounds like you had a good weekend! lots of fun stuff going on πŸ˜€ Irish dance *melts* I bet she looks precious doing it too – I think it’s so amazing to watch πŸ™‚


  2. My Bryana really wants irish dance class but most we talked to around here don’t wanna take kids until they are 5, she’ll be 4 in aug 😦 Then a waiting list for the Coyle school of dance around here. I WILL GET HER IN LOL We go to lost of irish festivals and have to watch the “pretty girls” everytime for Bryana lol


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