Still going..

Got up, got the girls dressed, I threw on some clothes. Got downstairs and Tom dropped off Turner. We were watching him today. Had breakfast and cleaned out the car. Loaded up the kiddos and took off for my Mom’s.. She watched Katie, all three carseats wouldn’t fit in the back seat of the van.. Went and picked up my Dad and took him to the doctor. Turner and Brianna played well for about 30 minutes and then had trouble listening, so we went to the car to have a few meltdowns on Brianna’s part. Dad came out and we headed to Roush so he could pick up filters and light bulbs. Then we took him back to work. It was almost 12:30 so I called Brian and asked him if he wanted to go out to eat. We went to McDonald’s. The kids were excited! We had a nice fattening lunch, LOL and then took Brian back to work. Went to my Mom’s and I nursed Katie.. Looked at the Pathfinder Swingset that we are going to get Brianna for her birthday online.. Then loaded up the kids and headed home. Turner fell asleep and I put him down on our bed. I read some of Left Behind: Armegeddon while the girls played with their little people. Then Turner got up and Christie came shortly after. She brought me a chocolate milkshake and it was good.. Both Brianna and Katie kept trying to get more and more of it.. Little birds LOL.. And then we went outside and the kids played with bubbles.. Brian got home.. Christie and Turner left.. I took a quick shower while Brian gave the girls a bath. Got Katie dressed, nursed and down to sleep. Then started folding laundry. Then combed out Brianna’s hair while she watched The Barney Movie. Nursed Katie.. Helped Brianna try to poop, nothing came out. Then we read stories, said prayers, scratched and rubbed belly and back, then cuddled. I did more folding of laundry.. and now I am taking a break.. Now to catch up on my friends list.. 🙂

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