We got the Pathfinder Swingset! Wahoo! I got a call around 8:30am from the woman at Sam’s saying that the other lady never picked it up and I was free to come and get it! I was super excited.. I called Jen (Curves co-worker) to see about using her parent’s truck. Then called my Mom to tell her the news, LOL. Then Brian to see that we actually had that money in our checking since Sam’s doesn’t take credit.. I called up USAA and had them transfer the money from our credit card into our account because Brian had just payed a lot of bills. Then got the girls ready and then I took a shower. Jen called and said she would meet me there with her Grandfather’s van because he parent’s truck was getting fixed. I took out the back seat in our van. We met her there, got everything paid for and out to the van. The seat was still in so we were in there trying to get it out. Finally got it out. It took four Sam’s employees to get the boxes into the van and then they left.. We couldn’t shut the back door LOL.. So we shifted some boxes and thankfully found a bungy cord in the van and got it mostly shut, LOL.. Then we drove home doing like 25mph.. I backed the van up to the house and then we had to figure out how we were going to get the boxes out when it took 4 people to put them in LOL.. So I went across the street to see if Shawn was available.. He was.. He is a big muscular guy.. He was on one side and Jen and I were on the other. We got it unloaded into the garage. Then he went home and brought out Tinka.. His and his fiance’s new chiwawa (totally know that isn’t the way to spell it but you’ll just have to deal LOL).. The girls loved Tinka! She was so cute.. She was a rare breed as in she was a bluish/gray and had white paws and the tip of her tail was white, and she also had a little white stripe on her forhead.. She was so tiny and the cutest thing ever!!! Then he left, Jen and I got the seat back in her van and then she took off. We took off for my Mom’s house.. I forgot to eat breakfast and I think the adrenaline did me in because I nodded off while driving.. I was thankfully on Coffman road and bumping the curb woke me up.. I was so freaked out.. I got to my Mom’s and had something to eat and then took a very long nap. Brian came after work and he drove us home.. That was so scary.. God was definitely watching out for me because I could have been on the highway and had nothing but another car to wake me up.. A huge storm came in.. We decided to order wings and potato skins from BW3’s.. And rent a movie.. I went and picked them up and got Along Came Polly.. Ate, put the kids to bed and then watched the movie.. It was cute. Then we went to bed!

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