Woke up to more rain.. It was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.. Brian got up around 6:30 and took a shower.. I got the girls dressed and in their race shirts.. Then I took a shower.. Got the car loaded up. Then my Dad and Mom came.. My Mom was very angry with me because I was going to take the girls and it was raining. I almost gave in and just had Brian and the girls stay home but I held out.. My Mom got in the van and was all salty.. My Dad left and we drove off. I forgot towels and my windbreaker so we went back home and got those. Then we were really on our way.. Got there and got a great parking spot (good for there being over 20,000 people downtown!) We got there around 8:15 and our fun walk didn’t start until 9:45. The double stroller’s front wheel was wonky so we stopped to try to fix it but there wasn’t much I could really do.. It stopped raining and we went to the booths and got a ton of stuff. We missed the team Ashland photo, but I saw a ton of people from work and they loved seeing the girls! Katie looked so cute in her race shirt.. And I’m so bummed because I had the camera in my purse and Brian took it out before we left so Katie’s first race and no pictures 😦 My Mom and Katie did get their picture taken though and it should be available sometime on the website.. I’m trying to get over losing that scrapbook page opportunity.. We also ran into Becky, we work out with her at Curves, we never thought we would run into her since there are so many people.. The girls had a lot of fun.. My Mom lightened up and apologized to me for being witchy at the start of the trip.. Katie got excited about all the dogs she saw and then we waited out front of Nationwide International Headquarters and there was a pond with waterfall type fountain and Katie just squealed in delight! Brianna had fun getting balloons and blowing on a whistle she got and being the “leader” of our family in the race! Afterwards we went to the Market and I got some baba gnaoush (yeah, totally not the way to spell it, whatever) some huge hotdogs.. Brianna got some icecream. Then we went to my parents.. I nursed Katie and then Brianna and I went to Irish Dance class. She learned some new things and their little routine is getting longer! Brian had stayed home to help my Dad put together their new daybed in the Brianna/Katie’s room.. Then I was going to go take a nap. I was so tired.. But I ended up helping my Dad finish up the daybed.. Then I decided it was time to go home. So we loaded up and got home and I took a 3 hour nap.. Got up.. We had dinner. I asked Brianna what she remembered from the race.. She said The black guy and the white guy.. They had someone dressed up as Darth Vader and a storm trooper LOL.. I thought that was cute! Speaking of which, I cannot wait to see the Episode III, Revenge of the Sith!!! Then the girls went to bed. Around 9 something I decided it was time to get a movie so I went to blockbuster and got Jersey Girl.. I love Kevin Smith movies.. Then I got Brian and I a free Jr. Frosty and some nuggets and we ate and watched the movie.. Then Brian went to bed while I watched the special features and then I went to bed..

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