Brian got up with the girls. I slept for about 30 more minutes. He gave them a bath. I got up and get Katie diapered, lotioned and dressed. Brian took a shower.. I got in the shower and then Brianna got dressed. We actually got to church on time! Big accomplishment. Brian checked Brianna into her class and I checked Katie into the nursery. The service was great.. We had guests from another church leading music and worship! It was awesome! I loved their songs, a lot of them were original and coming out on their next CD. The sermon was about Jesus’s return.. and about living in the light and not the darkness. After the service we got the kids and stood around chatting for a bit. Then I went and bought their CD, which should be coming out in about 2 weeks.. I can’t wait to get it! There was an awesome song called Arrival and it was about Jesus coming back! It is really good! Got home and I nursed Katie and put her down for a nap. Then I helped Brian carry all the wood to the back.. Then I got the bright idea to use the girl’s wagon and it went a lot quicker. Then I separated all the hardware into ziplock bags and Brian wrote down what parts they were.. Peter showed up and they got started. Then Jay showed up and started on the roof.. Katie woke up and was outside, Brianna was playing with her outdoor stuff and “helping” us measure.. They got the outside frame up and then Peter had to go.. Jay got the roof done and then helped with the base.. Brian got extremely ill, he felt nauseous and head a huge headache, because he didn’t eat lunch.. So he went and put Katie down for another nap and then went to lay down. I helped Jay finish up the base and then he went home. Then I started working on the deck and then the upper floor.. I had Brianna stand on the wagon and hold up the floor support wood while I drove the screws in with the drill. She did a great job helping me out! I was so proud.. Then I started putting the flooring in.. Brian came out and said it was time to clean up so we could get to group.. It was our snack so we ordered pizza from fat boys pizza.. It was really good.. We had a great group.. We finished up our hotseat questions, Kelly is the only one left to go I think.. Then we had Communion and it was very nice, Brian had us pray silently and I felt so connected with God.. I’m borrowing a book from Kelly and Peter.. It’s about co-dependency, and I am definitely co-dependent.. Trying to work on that.. We had to go to my parents after group to get Brian’s car. Then got home, put the girls to bed and then I read the book for awhile.. Brian had gone to bed and then I went to bed..

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