I tried to get out of my little pity party last night by waking up Brian so we could have a little fun.. It was fun too, until Katie woke up to eat.. So I went in and fed her, then came back to bed. Brian wanted to continue our fun, but by then it was 1:40 and I just needed to go to bed.. I did not want to wake up this morning. Katie was all up and ready to go at 5:30. Brian got up with her, got ready for work and had both girls playing in Katie’s room by the time he had to leave for work. I was impressed. They didn’t stay in there long though and were soon trying to get me to wake up.. I was pretty cranky this morning. We had baked apple oatmeal, 12 grain toast with philly cream cheese and Brianna had some strawberries and sugar.. Katie is now napping and I just made our bed and started up the laundry.. I have work today.. It’s weird, usually I’m on my way to my Mom’s right now, after dropping Brianna and Kendall to school.. I want to get a little bit of scrapbooking done today.. I’m re-doing Brianna’s book, but that is another entry..

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