My birthday celebration, or lack there of..

Started on Tuesday the 24th.. I got to work and there were balloons, including a Harry Potter mylar one and they were tied to a big bag of candy. It was from my Mom! She is so sweet to me! Then Jen came in with cake, a scrapbook idea book and a card.. They all sung happy birthday to me and I blew out candles. It was really nice.. Jen and I both didn’t feel like working though, so it went rather slow. Then Jen followed me home. Katie had woken up as soon as we had gotten home and I tried to nurse her back to sleep but she was wide awake, so she came down and played. She took a ton of steps! She is going to be full blown walking before we know it! I got a card from my Mom and Dad, with $25 gift card to Olive Garden and an invitation to watch the girls. I made some tostitos with melted cheese and had some salsa. We watched Team America: World Police.. All I have to say is, I was not surprised, only the makers of South Park could have done such raunchy things with puppets.. Brian put Katie to bed. Jen left around 11. I picked up downstairs and then started watching The Others.. Then Brian was going through finances and was all bent out of shape, so while I was watching the movie he ask me about what was spent and then I would have to answer to a purchase, which I didn’t know and I was full of anxiety and just plain angry with him. Only because he could and does spend money on things that we don’t need never questions himself. He wants to be the leader in our family, and I want that too. But sometimes he takes no responsibility, then gets angry when things start going wrong and then only looks at what I have bought.. It is so frustrating and I have told him before how it makes me feel, he wasn’t too awful about it, he’s been worse. But still, why wait until almost 12am to start going through things and getting angry with me when I’m not understanding. He has a good solution though. He got me my own checking account, my Curves paycheck, grocery money and gas money will be put in there, and I can manage it and know where I am at. The way we had been doing things I had no clue how much money we had and it just became a mess.. Anyway, enough rambling about money..

Wednesday morning I woke up, very tired. Katie had pretty much slept with us all night and I didn’t get much rest.. Brian left me a very sweet voicemail on my cell. Wishing me a happy birthday and telling me what he appreciates about me and how much he loves me. He also had left a little note wishing me a wonderful day. Brianna was having an off morning and I had her in time out twice and she still wasn’t listening. Even Katie was super fussy. I got a Card from my Aunt Freda and Uncle Rick with $30. So I reconfigured my Creative Memories order. I ended up getting The Tanzanite Premier Album (for Katie), Corner Rounder, Mat and Blades with the circles cutting system. and the Large powersort box. Jodi has to order me another album in blush (Brianna wants pink!) and page protectors. So all of that was from money I got from Paul and Debbie, Aunt Freda and Uncle Rick and Grandmom. Plus Brian 🙂 I decided to redo Brianna’s book because I’m not that happy with the fact I have barely any journaling and because her binding was ripping already. So I figured the investment in a good book would be worth it, since it really is for her to take when she is older! Anyway.. My Aunt Sandy called and wished me a happy birthday. I took a quick shower, the girls were ready and we went up to Dublin. Chatted with my Mom for a bit and then I went to Sam’s Club to get pics from our old camera developed. 77 pics in all! I got some pizza and a coke to go and ate on the way to the DMV. Had to get my plates re-registered. My Uncle Bruce called me and wished me a happy birthday. Then back to Sam’s to pick up the pictures. They turned out pretty nice, our new camera is so much better though.. The old was only 2.1 megapixals.. Our new one is 5.1 or something like that.. So the quality now is much better.. My Aunt Jan called to wish me a happy birthday. Then Jodi called to say she was ready to meet me at Curves to give me my stuff! So I met her and I was so excited to get it, I want more LOL! I need to have a party so that I can earn some free product.. Then I went to get the girls.. Brianna and Katie ate some of my pizza and then Katie went berserk.. She cried and screamed and was just plain miserable the whole way home. I finally pulled over in a parking lot close to home to try to nurse her. She nursed and was content but as soon as I put her in her seat she flipped out again.. We made it home and she was fine once I took her out. It was so out of character for her.. Brianna went outside and played with Natalie on the swingset. Brian had gotten me flowers. I was so pleased with them.. But my mood was overshadowed with the car ride and when I got in the door chocolate milk had been spilled all over the kitchen floor by Emma.. I was just spent.. I had had enough.. Brian cleaned up the milk. I let him know that I really appreciated the cards and flowers, and that I just had a long day.. Then Brian put Katie up to bed, she fell asleep within seconds. Glor called to wish me a happy birthday and then I ran out the door to book study. It was our last one, so we were just wrapping up. Left a little later than planned so I listened to the beginning of LOST in the car. Paul and Debbie called to wish me a happy birthday. Watched LOST and looked at my scrapbooking stuff. Nursed Katie. Then sorted pictures. LOST was awesome! That was about it..

3 thoughts on “My birthday celebration, or lack there of..”

  1. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

    I know how you feel, it seems that birthday’s just loose their flare by the time you hit 22! HUGS!!! You are amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and a GREAT friend! Happy 25!!!!!


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