I strained my trapesious (sp?) muscle.. I’m on 800mg of Motrin and extra strength Tylenol as needed. As well as icing it for 20min. 4 times a day.. Sometimes it feels great, and then it starts to really hurt, then I realize, of course it feels great at times, you are drugged LOL..

I pray that it heals quickly!

8 thoughts on “ouch..”

  1. That model is scary LOL..

    I was putting Brianna’s bike away. We have the hooks hanging from the ceiling in the garage. I got the back wheel right away but missed the front wheel and when I was pushing it up again to get the front wheel, I guess I strained it. At first I thought I had hurt my back really bad because the pain was lower… I couldn’t move, everything I did made it hurt.. That’s why I went to the doctor, but it’s just my little old trapezious LOL!


  2. lol thanks, I certainly had no idea! πŸ˜‰ And OMGracious, could they have gotten a goofier guy to do it??! ROFL


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