Finally, Friday is here!

Brianna has been looking forward to today all week! Since Sunday night, she has asked how many sleeps until Friday.. Today she is sleeping over at my parent’s house! She packed her Dora backpack last night. Toothbrush, toothpaste, Dora pjs, clothes for Saturday, stuffed annimals, books, her Bible, a notebook and a game from Wendy’s..

I’m so happy that she is having this one night get-away! She will enjoy the one on one time with Abuela and Popi so much!

And Brian and I will enjoy one on one time with Katie and after Katie goes to bed, with each other!

A refreshing way to start the weekend 🙂

7 thoughts on “Finally, Friday is here!”

  1. awww sweet! This is one thing I REALLY miss about not having grandparents near. I know they’d have a girl over every weekend hehehehe I bet she’ll have a BLAST! 🙂 And I hope YOU have a blast >=D


  2. That’s great that you guys will have some time together after the baby goes to sleep! It’s always great when the grandparents will take one of the kids for you and kids always love to go stay the night with their grandparents!


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