Small group..

Brian and I have had extensive discussions about small group and if we (as in he) will continue to lead. I had been thinking about it for awhile and thought it was best if our group split up.. I have become increasingly tired of being behind the scenes and focused so much on the growth of the group and of others that I haven’t really been growing myself. Brian has felt the same way.. So through prayer we have come to the decsion that we should be small group participants for awhile and not leaders. We (as in he) have have been leading the group for almost 2 years now..

On Sunday, the sermon is going to be on why we are a small group based church. Then afterwards there is going to be a “cell”-a-bration.. Different tables set up with different groups. So we are going to look into other groups to get plugged in somewhere..

I am really looking forward to the change, though it is scary.

Looking forward to growing spiritually..

1 thought on “Small group..”

  1. I think that will be really good for you. December of 2002 I was so involved in the Children’s department of our church that I was there EVERY service and I got so burnt out because I was giving so much spiritually, but not getting anything back to feed my soul.

    It’s good to find some sort of balance there.


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