Monster headache..

but I wanted to get this out..

Yesterday I slept until 10 and it was awesome.. Katie slept that long as well! Very weird.. Brian went out to Home Depot and got some pea gravel, black weed fabric and propane for the grill. Then came home to drop it off, then left again to bring the van in for an oil change and once over (since our trip to PA is this week!) I started some laundry. He came home, we had lunch. Then I went to my Parent’s house to get Brianna. She was having a blast. Working on letters and drawing, going in the sprinkler with Uncle.. I hung out there a little bit.. Snacked a lot and then helped Dwight put air in his bike tires. Then I rode on his bike and I was so freaked out.. I think it was a balance issue.. I felt like I was going to fall and it scared me.. I’m such a nerd LOL.. Then it started raining pretty hard. I got Brianna in the van and headed home. Brianna promptly fell asleep.. She napped on the couch.. Katie was still napping as well. So Brian and I went out and started doing some yard work. We raked up all the old mulch out back, pulled a lot of weeds and grass. I power washed the playhouse. Then we got that set back up against the house, which looks so much better. Then we put down that black fabric type stuff to keep the weeds away and put the gravel down.. It looks pretty nice.. We have to plant some flowers or something back there now too.. Then I just hung out and played with the girls while Brian cut his hair and then took a shower. Had dinner, grilled out hotdogs and had some mac and cheese. Brian put Katie to bed and I went to Blockbuster and got the movie Hitch.. Tucked Brianna in.. I came downstairs and Brian and I had a little fun before watching the movie.. We’ve been on a role lately! We played acey duecey while watching.. It was really sweet! I did have a little bit of anxiety though, because I was so upset when she did that to him 😦 but I recovered LOL.. I am so affected by movies.. sigh.. Anyway.. Brianna kept coming down stairs.. It was so frustrating because she just wouldn’t stay in her bed or go to sleep.. After the movie we came up to bed and had some more fun LOL.. I just can’t get enough! Which is weird for me, but I’m very thankful to God for giving me the desire, because I have really prayed about that part of Brian and I’s relationship!


The girls woke up around 8.. I took a shower while Brian gave the girls a bath.. Then I got them dressed and fed while he took a shower.. Headed off to church.. Good sermon on why our church is based around small groups.. Afterwards we went around to the different tables that groups had set up.. Which was really wierd because we are usually the ones behind a table.. I haven’t been “group shopping” ever!!! But we have a few options, we’ll see how things go.. I really wouldn’t mind still being group with Kelly and Peter though, because we have grown so close with them.. I don’t know.. Anyway.. we came home and started getting the house ready for our BBQ/Social.. I went to Walmart and got a few things we needed as well as Jasmine’s (Brianna’s friend from school) birthday present (all things Strawberry Shortcake).. Came home and cleaned out the refriderator.. Washed the bins and shelves and re-positioned shelves.. I got rid of a lot of stuff, our fridge looks so good now LOL!.. Then I started making food.. Made deviled eggs, home-made mac and cheese, ranch dip.. All this time Brianna was on Brian and I’s last nerve.. She kept asking over and over when her friends would be coming over. I finally put the timer on the oven for 2.5 hours and told her they would be here when it went off. Which meant she kept coming over and asking me how much time LOL.. The Olson’s arrived.. Peter is pretty down.. I hope he gets some relief from the meds soon.. I really feel for him.. They brought macaroni salad, watermelon and blackberry pie.. Davis’s showed up, with these really neat chips with salsa and avacado baked in and this cheesy potato dish.. Then right behind them were the Peters, they brought baked beans.. Brian grilled out hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken burgers.. Everything tasted awesome!! After eating.. I got out Katie’s little baby cake and put a candle in it. we sang happy birthday to her and she went to town on the cake.. I took a lot of pics and will share them later.. Too tired now.. She got it everywhere. When she was down, there really was no wiping her down.. Kelly did a little bit, and then I just picked her up and brought her upstairs for a quick bath.. We had a lot of fun chatting.. I held baby Lauren, she is super tiny.. Katie was not happy with me.. I put her up to bed and then everyone took off.. Got Brianna to bed.. She was majorly cranky and it didn’t take long for her to fall off to sleep… Watched Extreme Home Makeover and ate some pie.. Now I’m super tired and have a headache.. Hopefully the Tylenol will kick in soon..

Tomorrow is Katie’s 1st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still can’t believe it… She has her well-baby.. So I will update on her and have pictures tomorrow hopefully! πŸ™‚

I’m also pretty emotional right now, maybe it’s Katie’s birthday.. not sure.. I just have felt on the verge of tears all night.. I probably just need to get some sleep.. It has been a very long day!

4 thoughts on “Monster headache..”

  1. Sounds like a busy couple of days for you! That’s so great that she had such a good time visiting her grandparents! And your baby’s 1! Kids grow up so fast! I always have a hard time believing that I have a 5 and 7 year old!


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