I love my Mom..

For the first time ever, she had a heartfelt apology for me on Tuesday. She said that she was wrong to be drinking that much and that she was very sorry that she hurt me and my family. She apologized for hurting me, Brian and the girls. I told her I was sorry for breaking the glass, that I had gone way overboard with the emotions I was feeling. She said, there was no need for me to apologize because she would have done the same thing if not more.. I was literally blown away.. God answered my prayers.. Thank you all for praying for the situation as well.. I just pray that this brings about a bigger change in her.. Only through God… only through God..

5 thoughts on “I love my Mom..”

  1. Praise God! I’m so happy for you Hon. I know the joy your heart feels when the alcoholic in your life FINALLY apologizes with a real and truely heart felt apology. I pray that this is just the beginning!


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