And we’re packed..

Well for the most part anyway.. This is the first time that we have pretty much everything packed and ready to go before 15 minutes of departure time LOL.. I’m so proud.. I made a list last week when I was at work.. Each of us and the van had a list LOL.. So packing has gone so smoothly! I love it!! Now tomorrow I have until 2 to get everything situated in the van.. When Brian gets home, I think we are going to leave! He has a half day tomorrow.. I pray that the ride to Bedford is a smooth one.. Katie isn’t one for sitting in her seat for extended periods of time, so 5 hours might be a bit much for her.. Brianna will do fine.. I’m hoping that Katie will enjoy DVD’s as much as Brianna! I know she will enjoy her baby einstein.. We are leaving at nap time so hopefully she will fall asleep for a couple of hours and when she gets up I can put on baby einstein for her.. It has been a super long night and I better get to sleep so that I am somewhat rested for tomorrow! I should be able to check in from PA.. I will miss you all so much!


7 thoughts on “And we’re packed..”

  1. Have a great vacation!!! 🙂

    congrats on hving everything ready ahead of time! I’m a major LIST person. I start making lists like a month ahead of time, and for every little thing – like things I need to buy, or do (bills, oil change, etc). I love my lists!! I still always feel like I forgot something lol, but hey, it does help a lot.


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