It’s been nice!

First our trip out to PA was so smooth! The girls did fantastic driving to Bedford, we didn’t have to stop at all and it was a little over 4 hours! They watched movies, had snacks, and Katie napped a few times! Brian did all the driving.. We stayed at an Econolodge and it was a far cry from one I stayed at before.. It was very tiny.. But it did the job! We had pizza for dinner and got some sleep.. Katie got up numerous times. She would sleep in the pack-n-play, get up and sleep with me, switching over and over throughout the night.. We had breakfast at Denny’s.. And we had the same waitress we had last August! I did the driving Friday morning.. Before we left I asked Brian if we should get gas. He said we had half a tank and we would be fine.. I get on the PA Turnpike and I see that it is only a 1/4.. We got to the point where he was freaking out because we were on E… I was staying pretty calm.. I figured, if we were meant to run out of gas and go through that, then that was what was going to happen and there was no sense worrying about it.. So a service plaza came up and we were saved LOL.. I continued driving because I drive a little faster than Brian does and I just wanted to get there!

We arrived around 1.. Then we just unpacked the van and hung out with Debbie.. Katie took a nap. We had cheesesteaks! Brianna a mayonaise sandwhich.. Paul got home early which was nice.. A huge storm blew in and it poured.. Then it lighted up and the boys grilled out. Afterwards Glor, Tom, Lauren and her friend Sue came over to see us.. It was a short but sweet visit. We will be staying with them the second half of our trip.. (I thought it would be best to split our time between Brian’s Mom and Dad so that the girls don’t grow up thinking one is better than the other..) The girls went to bed pretty smoothly! Brianna was downstairs in “Lauren’s room” and she did really good. Katie went down really well.. I woke up around 1-2am.. The fan was off (yes we travel with a fan because I have trained my family to sleep with the noise, bad Veronica!) The power had gone off briefly and the storm outside was awful.. Huge thunderclaps and the lightening was unbelievable!!! I am the only one who heard the storm though, it didn’t wake anyone else up..

I will post about our trip to Ocean City next 🙂

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