So… thoughts about moving..

I love our friends in PA.. They are more like family than friends and even though we don’t talk a whole lot between visits, when we do get together it’s like we were never apart.. So they asked us if we had ever thought about moving to PA.. Which was really weird because pretty much our whole trip I had been thinking about it.. Our family lives on the East Coast.. My parents live 20 min. from us but they aren’t going to live in Ohio forever. They will retire and most likely out of state.. The possibility of living much closer to the majority of our family is a plus.. Already having a friend base is a plus. Job opportunities are much greater out there compared to Columbus.. The housing situation kind of stinks though.. I would most likely want Central Bucks school district, and homes in thate area start in the $350,000.. You definitely get more house for the money here in Ohio.. Anyway…

So we are thinking if we did move out there, it would be in a couple of years.. We were thinking about having four years apart between Katie and the next Quinn baby.. So that is 2 years before trying again.. Which means maybe we would already be out there by then.. I really don’t want to do any moving while being preggo or with having a newborn..

Lots to think about..

It was wierd.. Leaving PA was so sad, and that is the first time I had really experienced not wanting to leave to come home..

Two years seems like forever, but in the grand scheme of things I know that it won’t be that long, time flies!

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