Last night, Brian and I played Acey Duecy.. Well we were on our second game (I think) and I was just so hot for him. I don’t know what hit me but it was killing me. So I said, I was having trouble concentrating. He said, why are you horny for me or something.. I said, yeah, actually I am.. So then he starts rubbing my thigh which made it even harder to concentrate on what I was doing.. We took several turns and everytime it was my turn he would rub my thigh and my “area”.. I couldn’t take it anymore, i started kissing him, we layed down on the ground… then i really couldn’t take it anymore so he helped me up.. he pulled down my shorts.. then i realized that the blinds in the kitchen were open.. opps.. he ran and closed them and then he came over and we both start taking our underwear off while passionately kissing.. I thought i was going to explode!!! Then he took me in the bathroom and sat me up on the counter and we started making love.. it was so freaking hot.. then he said he wanted to be behind me and he brought me over the the couch and pushed me down.. and it was so hot, fast and hard.. it felt amazing.. i had 2 orgasms.. it was incredible.. i just have so much love for him.. he satisfies me so greatly.. just thinking about this makes me want him so badly.. i guess i’ll just have to wait until tonight..

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