Definitely kicking myself for staying up so late.. I decided to wait until Katie got up to nurse to go to bed and that happened around 1am.. So I nursed her, put her back in bed and then went to bed myself.. I did not want to get up this morning.. Brianna got up around 8:15 and went downstairs to play her leapster. Katie got up about 8:30 and I brought her into bed with me and nursed her.. I love when she finishes nursing and looks up at me with that big grin of hers and that starts “talking” to the ceiling.. She is so sweet! Right now she is clinging to my leg, which she has been doing a lot lately. Especially in the presence of strangers.. She has also been a spitting fool.. I don’t know if it is because of the milk or what, which makes it worse because she doesn’t go for just plain milk, but strawberry flavored milk, so her spit is pink! *sigh* She loves the stuff though.. When she has water in a sippy she mostly drinks a small bit of it and then spits it out.. When it is milk, she downs the whole cup!

Brianna has camp today. It is her last week. She has been mostly playing with a girl named “Lissa” not sure if that is her true name or not.. They painted t-shirts yesterday and the majority of them were just big brown and black spots, from the kids mixing the colors so much.. Brianna’s had a little splash of red and a little splash of yellow and the rest was brown/black.. They are using the shirts today for something and then they get to bring them home.. She is really enjoying camp and I enjoy the 3 hour break during the day! Brianna thrives in structured activities like this! I really think that she is going to excel at school, she just does so well in that kind of environment!

Alright, I made my bed, turned off all fans, opened all the blinds upstairs and started laundry (just one load to do, hurray!)..

Off to make some breakfast!

1 thought on “Yeah..”

  1. I can just picture Katie with her milk, haha. Robbie and Jaina love strawberry milk and if Bub gets too excited he becomes a blubbering little fool, hehe! Gotta love em!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful day hon! 🙂


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