I have been feeling super wierd lately, and very paranoid about having an IUD.. I’m thinking about getting it removed.. I think what I am most paranoid about is not having a period.. I still have not had one.. Which happened with Brianna too.. I guess it is the breastfeeding. And since Mirena has same hormone as Depo which I was on after having Brianna.. I don’t know.. I think it is the lack of control that is bothering me.. blah.. we will see..

Off to get Brianna from camp…

3 thoughts on “hm…”

  1. I was paranoid about not getting a period so thats why I went with Paragard instead of Mirena for my IUD. I might getting it but i would be buying tests every month b/c it wasn’t coming LOL


  2. I am still wishing for my period to go away with the Mirena! ROFL Right now they are super light, it’s barely more than spotting for 5 days.

    I would say with breastfeeding combined with the Mirena there is no way you are going to get PG by accident! Let us know what you decide!


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