Katie’s Scrapbook…

I just started working on Katie’s scrapbook.. And I do a page where I write a letter about their birthstory. Well for some reason I am having the hardest time with Katie’s story.. and last night I was thinking about it and thought, we left to go to my parents and put the girls in the car, LOL.. Which we obviously only had to put Brianna in the car.. This is going to take me awhile I think… It’s like I have completely blanked out that day.. I can remember Brianna’s like it was yesterday.. I’m kicking myself for waiting this long!

3 thoughts on “Katie’s Scrapbook…”

  1. Isn’t it odd how you can forget something parts of such a life changing day? Ask Brian for some details to jog your memory, it will all come back to you!


  2. it’s funny how some of the most memorable moments in our life can be the hardest to recall at the same time! Lol…. hope your able to get it soon! I love scrapbooking too! But I haven’t had much time lately and way to many pics so I have a 90 page scrapbook filled and it’s only up to my oldest 6 month pic! lol… Jaydon always asks if he’ll ever have a scrapbook!


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