I woke up feeling hung over, nauseous and now I have the hiccups..

Thank you, thank you very much..


*edited to add*

I am not actually hung-over LOL.. I rarely drink anymore.. I stayed up past 1am to scrapbook and I watched the Mask and the beginning of the Cable Guy.. I lead a boring life LOL.. And for some reason I have been going to bed super late, after 1am pretty much this whole week and it is finally catching up with me!

4 thoughts on “ugh..”

  1. LOL, last night was boring!! Brian worked on his resume. I scrapbooked and watched the Mask on tv.. I think I was feeling awful was from staying up past 1am for the second night in a row! I’m such a nerd! 🙂


  2. LOL, I don’t even remember the last time I was overly tipsy.. oh wait, when we were in PA.. we went bowling and I had 2 sex on the beaches (my fave drink) and I was definitely feeling it, I just don’t have the alcohol tolerance I once had LOL!


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