Somewhat annoyed..

The girl who I work with called around 3:45. I was sleeping but had the phone nearby because Brian usually calls around then. At first I didn’t recognize who it was because I was groggy. Then she went on about how she got this sticker on her car saying they were going to tow it because her tags were expired (which her birthday was a month ago, so yeah) and that they would tow it by Friday if she didn’t have the proper tags. She said that we were paid and that she didn’t have the money before, she is 19, lives in her own apartment, and waitresses and works 3 nights at Curves. She is always broke and can’t pay bills, yet can get things like her cell phone, acrylic nails done, and clothes and goes out to eat all of the time. I just don’t understand her at all. Anyway. I called Brian and I was said I didn’t want to do it for a number of reasons. I already had plans to go out with Kelly tonight, girls night out at Starbucks at 7pm.. It was going to be so nice to go out without the kids and be able to talk without any distractions. and quite frankly I want this girl to learn some sort of lesson. I just don’t understand being so irresponsible about things. So I call her back and I tell her that I won’t be able to do it. Trying to excerise my ability to tell people no, I usually say yes and then resent the person. So I said, is there anyway you can do it tomorrow. She says, yeah. It’s my day off. I’ll just have to get up early and go. Thanks anyway.. I don’t feel bad about saying no now at all. You are going to call me 30min before I would have to get us all ready to go, to see if I could close so you could run and do something you can do tomorrow, but it would interrupt you sleeping in.. ARG.. blah…

3 thoughts on “Somewhat annoyed..”

  1. sometimes people aren’t very considerate! And I know how it’s hard to say no to people…I have a problem with it too, although the last few years I’m getting a lot better! lol


  2. That is so frustrating! People can be so inconsiderate.

    I have a hard time saying no as well, but it really infuriates me when people pull stuff like the above person did.


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