So I had been frequenting the Hotslings website for awhile. I looked at their distributors to see if there was one in Ohio. And sure enough, there was one in Columbus, Nine Acres. So I went to their site and decided to get it from them since I knew it wouldn’t take long shipping wise and maybe I could even just go pick it up. Well there is a picture of a woman and her son and the page and I thought, that girl looks so familiar. I think she goes to my church. Monica had introduced me to her awhile back, like right after Katie was born because this woman practiced AP. Anyway, I get an email from the company and it is the girl! She asked if I wanted her to bring it to church or just mail it out since it would get here faster than Sunday. And said if I needed any help figuring it out she would love to help me! Isn’t that awesome! Small world 🙂

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