Kelly went out to Max and Erma’s last night! We got there about quarter after 6. It was nice to have a quiet dinner of conversation. I got the chicken parm. and a tossed salad. I was so full. I didn’t finish the dinner, and I’m glad I didn’t because I probably would have exploded! Kelly got an Erma burger and it looked really good. I might get that next time we go there! Then we had some time to kill because our movie didn’t start until 9:35 and we left M&A’s by 7:30. So we went to Westland Mall. You can barely call it a mall though. That used to be the huge mall around here, but then they built Tuttle, Easton and Polaris and Westland just didn’t stand a chance. We spent over an hour in Hallmark. I showed Kelly my secret about cards. “Between You and Me” The card that usually says all I feel so that all I have to do is sign my name LOL! Anyway, she and Peter are still pretty rocky because of his depression, and there were a ton of cards that just fit them and what they are going through! So she got him a card. And this bird for her garden that was only $2! We closed down the store, we seriously have issues with that LOL. Starbucks had to shut the lights off before we realized, hey they are closing, and then had to unlock the doors to let us out last time we had GNO! So we headed over to the dollar theater and we saw Kicking and Screaming. Which was cute and funny. Though when we left I said, why did we just see a movie about kids playing soccor LOL! I love Will Ferrell and it was $1.50 LOL! I got home around 11:30! It was great to get out and have some time! I mean we usually get together during the week, but that is playtime for the kids, so we really don’t do much talking other than “mom talk”…

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