Brian usually checks for my Mirena. He had mentioned that awhile ago, he didn’t feel it, but that he hadn’t really been checking. So I asked him today, if last night he noticed it. He said that he hadn’t. So we decided to have some fun tonight and I asked him to check.


So I checked…


Where is it??????????????????????????????????????? I said I wasn’t going to freak out. He said, good, that I shouldn’t. It isn’t in our hands anyway and that if God wants us to have a baby, us preventing isn’t going to stop Him. But for some reason I am so not comforted by that.. I know deep down that if I were to get PG I would be thrilled.. but I thought I had this BC in the bag. I thought, what a wonderful option for me, since I’m really bad at the pill and this has the same hormone and everything.

I thought that until my strings disappeared!

And *totally blushing* Brian and I have been having sex like it is going out of style! I can’t get enough of him. Which normally would mean I’m ovulating, but since I haven’t had a period since I got PG with Katie, who know’s what my body is doing.. I’m not breastfeeding all that frequently these days, maybe 3 times a day, sometimes less..

Why do I feel so helpless.. Has this happened to anyone and the mirena still been there???? And seriously, how does it fall out without you noticing!!! I mean it is a piece of plastic the shape of a T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “FREAKING OUT”

  1. My strings are very short because they were poking Lee so what I do is squat down and find my cervix and then feel the opening of my cervix until I feel the strings. I hope you find it!!


  2. *singing* Someone’s gonna have a baby… LOL I’m just teasing you. šŸ˜‰ I’m so sorry that happened! Is it possibly just pushed out of place and you just can’t reach it? Sorry, I know I’m about as much help as a man. hehe I hope it works out!! (((hugs))))


  3. I have never not felt my strings, but I haven’t checked in a while either. Have you had any bleeding since last time he felt it? Yes, it is a plastic T, BUT it is only the size or a quarter!!!!! If it came out you most likely would never notice! It is also white, so it could easily fall out and even if you looked you wouldn’t see it in the toilet.


    Whatever is meant to be will be!!!


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