I’m tired..

Church was neat. They had the people who went on the Venezuala trip come up, show a slide show and speak about their trip! I held baby Evie! She is so adorable and she made me pine for another baby! maybe i’ll get my wish if my iud is really MIA. Then we hung out. Kelly was upset because Peter was being Peter this morning and didn’t come to church. So she went to her Mom’s. The Masula’s invited us over for lunch. Pancakes, sausage and bacon with fruit! Very tasty! we stayed for a few hours. Then Katie had to take a nap and Brianna too! They fell asleep in the car, and Brian and I were craving fountain coke. So I ran in to blockbuster, exchanged coach carter (which was good!) for finding neverland. Then we went to Wendy’s and Brian ran in (our driver’s side window will not operate blah) and got us biggie cokes! Very refreshing!

I was very cranky this afternoon.. I felt all crampy and blah. Then I fell asleep, and woke up to Katie beating me with a toothbrush holder. Which normally would make me smile, but I was so cranky. So I handed her over to Brian and went upstairs and continued my nap for a couple more hours. I awoke to the smoke detectors going off, Brian made dinner LOL! It was really good though, he made chickenfingers from scratch and it was so tasty! Then Brian said he had a surprise for us and we all got our shoes on. And he took us out the front door, to the backyard against the fence, all the way around to the front yard. Katie was too cute trying to keep up! Then into the car, drove all around the neighborhood, to west broad, to 270 to georgesville, through the shopping center to DQ! We got blizzards! brianna chocolate and m&m’s. brian and i, vanilla and reeses peanut butter cups! Came home and got the girls in pjs. We read the princess and the pauper. played tickle, smell brianna’s stinky feet, and catch katie on Brianna’s bed! Then they ran around chasing each other. Then i cuddled and prayed with Katie and got her in bed. Then went and cuddled and prayed with Brianna and got her settled in with her Leapster. Went online very briefly and then went downstairs and started watching Finding Neverland and playing Acey Duecy. Brian shut me out first game. Second game I beat him. Brianna came downstairs and we cuddled and watched the rest of the movie together. Brian had gone to bed. I bawled my eyes out at the end of the movie. Brianna asked why I was sad. I said I never wanted to leave her. We hugged and cuddled and then I brought her up to bed.

I checked for Mirena strings tonight. Couldn’t find them.. I’m calling my ob/gyn tomorrow.

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