Have an appt.

Today at 2:15. Dr. Ruedrich is out of town, blah. So I have to see Dr. Lister. She is the one who made me cry when I was pg with Katie. But I just don’t care, I don’t want to wait until next week to see if Mirena is still indeed there!

I really hope that it is there and that I just couldn’t find the strings for some reason (though I have always been able to feel them before)…

But if she somehow left me, I won’t be too upset.

I’ll just have to find some other BC…. Maybe I’ll just chart and use condoms..


2 thoughts on “Have an appt.”

  1. You’re at your appt right now and I hope everything turns out how you want it!!! {{{HUGS}}} I’m sorry you didn’t get the dr you like (what happened? if it’s too nosey of me, don’t answer).



  2. It’s funny because now I like her.. I am easily swayed though. I usually don’t stay mad long.

    Anyway, I had a NST with Katie, which she failed. So I had an ultrasound, Dr. R. had to rush to a c-section. So Dr. Lister did it. I didn’t really realized what was going on, I had a biophysical profile and she didn’t really explain much and her bedside manner was pretty bad. Asked me how many times i was pregnant, if they resulted in a live birth. Just they way she said stuff.


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