Lots of nice things:

1. Brian has a job interview for the training position on Wednesday. Please keep him in your prayers!

2. My Mirena is still in place! The strings were curled around my cervix!

3. I got my period today, not necessarily nice, but the thought that it was MIA for 22 months rocks!

4. Dr. Lister, the one I swore I hated. I love her! She is awesome! It was like talking to an old girlfriend you haven’t seen in awhile! And she loves the Outsiders! (I’m reading the book again for like the 20th time! and she has read it a lot and seen the movie a lot.) So she is cool for that reason alone. LOL..

5. and the best of all, is that since Mirena is still in place, Brian won’t cut me off LOL! I was very worried about that 🙂

I’m a happy camper! Now off to take some drugs for these cramps!

3 thoughts on “Hooray!”

  1. Total prayers for Brian!!!!!

    YEAH for no problems with the IUD, BOO HISS to the period.

    OUTSIDERS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS I read that in the fifth grade and saw the movie around then too. OBSESSION!!!!!! I went on to read a lot of other S E Hinton’s Books!!!!!!!!


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