The Kids

School is right around the corner!

I just got all of Brianna’s school paperwork in the mail. Lots of things to fill out and money to send in! I am so excited for her! She loves school! Her teachers are going to be Mrs. Sayre and Mrs. Valenti.. I can’t wait to meet them and introduce Brianna to them! She is excited to see old friends and make some new ones!

7 thoughts on “School is right around the corner!”

  1. thanks for adding me – I was just looking a bit in your journal and we have a lot in common! I also live in ohio – n.e. part. We also want to move, but don’t know when or where for sure – ha ha. We look at summit, medina, portage counties. BUt then again we look at North Carolina. We’ll probably end up moving right here nearby or adding on to our house!

    more soon — dori


  2. They both start the beginning of September…I haven’t been sent the dates yet…Prentice will be in 2nd grade and Jaydon will be in kindergarten! I can’t believe they’ll both be in school! I just got a letter from the school last week about Jaydon…I have to take him to orientation August 23rd!!!


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