Brian is pissed. We got a letter from the mortgage company. This whole year we payed $64 and change into escrow every month. The recalculated things and we should have been paying $230 and change.. So counting what we came up short and what we need to have in there now, we are almost $3000 short…

Needless to say, Brian has been a grump since dinner and we did not spend any time together tonight. I asked him if there was anything we could do about it tonight. He said no. I said, exactly my point. Why lay down and pout about it when there is nothing we can do right this second.

God has pulled us through some tough times, financially things just always work out.

I have faith that we will get through this as well..

I wish Brian had that same faith…

4 thoughts on “ugh…”

  1. Dang, I wonder how they managed to screw it up so bad!? I would be hot to trot about that but I totally understand what you mean about not pouting about it now since there is nothing you can do tonight. Do you know if they want it in one lump sum or are they just going to raise your payment in order to spread it out?


  2. I know.. I’m wierd about things though, something small will completely set me off and something huge, I just see rationally LOL.. Anyway.. We can do either.. But it would be much better financially to pay the lump sum now and have our payment down $230… blah.. money stinks..


  3. I hate when people screw up like that! Money sure does suck!

    I wish you were here with me, I need someone with me constantly with that faith.



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