B-day party pics!

Since I haven’t posted pics in awhile and because Natasha asked so nicely 😉 Here are some pictures of Brianna’s birthday party. There aren’t a whole lot because Bri did video mostly.

Lighting the candles on the princess cake. From L-R Connor, me, Brianna, Grant, Kendall, Jasmine

Still lighting. L-R me, Brianna, Grant, Kendall, Jasmine

And lighting some more LOL. L-R Winston, Tommy, Connor

L-R Addie, Katie, Winston

Opening presents L-R Grant, Brianna, some of Katie LOL

Present opening. L-R Jasmine (Winston’s little sister), Addie, Katie, Brianna, Tommy

21 thoughts on “B-day party pics!”

  1. Look @ all those kids! How FUN!!!! 🙂 Brianna’s hair just makes my heart melt! It’s SO beautiful! Those ringlet curls! Beautiful!!!!! You look GREAT in orange!!! 🙂


  2. SO SWEET! It looks like a good time was had by all!!!!!

    Bailey will want that cake if she sees it! IT’s so cute!

    your family is just beautiful!

    and Brianna’s friends are so cute! I love that picture of the three boys watching you light the candles and it so looks like Tommy is saying “Man, a Spiderman cake would have been SO MUCH BETTER!” LOL! “Don’t give me pink icing!” LOL!


  3. Look at her hair!! i LOVE it!!!! ❤

    It looks like she had a great bday. ALl those kids! *eek* I think I would’ve spazzed when it started raining and everyone had to move inside. That’s a lot of people lol.


  4. LOL! Thanks! Yes, I was a bit upset when the storm blew in, because there were a lot of people and children running around the house! But it worked out okay. Definitely praying for good weather next year!


  5. Thanks Brandi! Her hair is very nice when it is done LOL. And getting it done takes lots of screaming and crying to comb it through… Isn’t their some quote about not having beauty without some type of pain????


  6. The funny thing is that the majority of the boys didn’t even want blue icing! They wanted yellow or pink LOL! It was highly amusing!


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