blah blah blah..

I feel blah.. and that’s all I have to say about that right now.. Maybe if I decide to reflect on my feelings I might go into it, but chances are I’m going to gloss over them and hide them and pretend they don’t exist like I usually do and try to help build up others and be there for them, because it is easier for me to do that for others than to do it for myself..


12 thoughts on “blah blah blah..”

  1. My dear sweet V! Please don’t hide your feelings….it will all come out eventually and it may be worse the longer you continue. Big supportive HUGS to you babe!


  2. This place should be your outlet… if it can’t be, then you need an outlet. Veronica, it hurts less at the moment if you pretend like hurtful things don’t exist, but when you don’t give them the emotion they diserve, they begin to haunt you, to own you… you feel like you’re in control, but you’re not even able to give your emotions freedom to do what they are made to do. If you cannot find an outlet, this all will continue to build and then explode…it will be ugly and someone(s) can get hurt… I’m sure you’ve heard this before from someone… but as a friend, I want to tell you that I care and that I know your family cares.


  3. sorry you are feeling so blah today! I tend to do that where I’ll put everyones needs above mine….you should take some time for yourself…I hope you start to feel better!


  4. Thanks, I sort of replied to this on your journal, but I wanted to really thank you Andrea… I do need an outlet, it’s hard for me to not hide the crazy stuff, but I will try to get it out..


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