Sooooo tired…

I’m usally still asleep right now, but Katie got up to nurse and then wanted to play, she had a gigantic poop and it was really nasty and then I asked her if she was tired and she started snuggling with her cloth, so I asked her to shut her door. Usually if she still wants to play she will open it and have a little fit, but when she is tired she will close it and snuggle more with her cloth, well she was tired so, I put her back to bed. I probably should take this time to jump in the shower, so I don’t have to wait until her next nap, but I’m feeling tired and lazy right now.

I didn’t sleep too well, I had weird dreams and lack of dreams and when I was finally awake for the day the last dream I had my high school ex, Malcolm, was in it and it was just a bizarre dream. And the grossest part was we had sex the last part of the dream and just thinking about that makes me want to gag. Why couldn’t I have had a dream about Brian and I having sex! He’s my husband!!!

I think I’m going to drink some vanilla chai tea this morning, I haven’t had it in awhile. I’m looking forward to today. We’re going over to Deana’s house. Brianna and Connor can play, hopefully they will include Katie. And I will get to snuggle with Brandon! And my cake pans from Pampered Chef came in and I can’t wait to use them, I might just have to make my Dwight’s birthday cake!! The pans came with the checkerboard cake insert and that is one of our family tradition cakes!!! Love, love, love that cake!

Speaking of my brother, he is going to be 21 on 8/30!! Can you believe that, because I sure can’t! He is going into his junior year at Wright State.. I just can’t get over it all, maybe because he is the baby and it makes me think about how that time for me is past, though I don’t regret some of my decisions LOL. The major decisions anyway!

Brian is super bummed out. He was told yesterday that he didn’t get that job. That the hiring manager would pass feedback to his manager. And he all around is pretty angry, because he does so much training and then he can’t even get the training position. Doesn’t make much sense. Plus he sort of feels as though he is being kept down because he is an ASR and really good at what he does. Everyone sings his praises at work! They are about to roll out the low cost model though and he thinks they don’t want to lose an ASR, especially a really good one. I really hope that isn’t the case though, because if they keep this up Bri is going to get super disgruntled and think about leaving the company. I am pretty disappointed too, but at the same time, I keep thinking, it wasn’t meant to be and God has something bigger and better planned for Brian. This stinks because we were really hoping and praying this job would work out, especially with our financial situation, but it obviously wasn’t God’s plan.

I’m assuming that Brianna wet the bed last night. I woke up to him in the bathroom with the light blaring in my eyes and it was pretty obvious to me that he was annoyed and maybe even at me. But in my eyes. He complains about Brianna not coming to him with things, about her thinking that only I can do stuff for her. But when she does go to him, majority in the middle of the night, he complains about that too LOL. So whatever. If she comes to me, I get up (except when I would be nursing Katie of course) and when she goes to Bri, he has to get up. I think it is only fair. But anyway, there is a big pile of Brianna’s sheets out here. She was up watching Goonies in her room, and sometimes she asks for a snack and a drink. Which is normally fine, but then we have to make sure she goes potty before she goes to sleep and I don’t think that happened last night. Our mistake, not hers.

My back feels all out of wack this morning.

I don’t think I posted about Katie yesterday. She fell asleep on the way home from the zoo (so 5:30ish)up until 9:30 the next morning and that was only because Brianna woke her up! She was soo very tired. Even when I set her in her chair to eat some waffles and fruit she was still sucking on her binky and snuggling with her cloth. She is so darn cute! Especially with how petite she is. I just have so much love for her.

My Mom and I are going to go to Baby’s R Us to get a plain crib set for the crib at her house. The pooh set has had it and she wants something to match better with the room. And tonight we have a date to go to the movies. We’re going to see Red Eye. Dwight gets home at 5 and he will watch the girls until Bri gets there. Our movie starts at 5:15. But the majority of the first 15 min. is previews anyway..

Last night Brian and I watched Beauty Shop. It was cute, and I found some of it highly amusing, more so than Brian but like I said, he wasn’t in the greatest of moods last night.

3 thoughts on “Sooooo tired…”

  1. {{Hugs}} to Brian. I’m sorry he didn’t get the job. 😦 How disappointing.

    I hope you have a great day at your friend’s house!! 🙂



  2. What a bummer about the job….but you are right, something bigger and better is out there for him!

    Holy cow! I can’t believe Katie slept so long! Can you have her teach my girls how to stay asleep when the sun comes up? LOL


  3. I’m sorry Brian didn’t get the job. 😦 I know how that disappointing feeling is. 😦 I do hope something bigger and better is waiting for him.



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